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Normally I am not the type of individual that believes in true love, yes there are infatuations but once gratified I move on. I am a lover of good things and a food enthusiast, a foodie for short.

Everyday is just like a regular day, my job, my dishes and my dinners, well sometimes suppers but I get paid so no complains. Still, it surprised me that I got hooked today, it was just this regular Friday morning where I had nothing of great importance to take care of.

I was just driving past a restaurant when the sight of something made me push the breaks,

“Ok my gosh!!”, I quickly parked the Toyota Camry. I walked into the restaurant and stood in line like everyone else. I kept staring at the beauty in front,

“Damn!”, I whispered, “sorry how long has this restaurant be here?”, I asked the man in front of me,

“Em, long I guess”, he wasn’t sure,

“Hmm… Thank you”, wasn’t any use anyway. The line didn’t take long till it got to the man in front of me, he just kept flirting with the beautiful waitress, I kept myself in check, the patient dog they say eat the fastest bone.

When the man finally decided he had had his fair share, he took his order and left.

“Hi, darling good morning,” I flashed my most charming smile,”what’s on the menu for today?”, She smiled and I saw her cheeks colour, such a beauty yet so easy. I was just about to lay out my cards when a well built guy came in, shoved me aside and leaned on the counter,

“Hey beautiful, I just got back from the gym”, he flexed his biceps and smiled, “why don’t you stop by and see how hard I trained, huh”,

“Ohhh”, she giggled, “sure thing handsome, but it won’t be today”,

“Why?”, He asked slightly annoyed, “come on beauty”,

“I am busy today, but I promise on Saturday”, she made a cross sign on the counter, ” I promise”, and blew a kiss to the gym guy. When he finally left, I made my way back to the counter and knocked,

“Can I make my order now?”, I smiled as she faced me,

“Sorry about that”, too bad that smile didn’t work on me though, “what will you like?”,

“What about that beauty over there in the glass box and you?”, I asked, tapping my fingers on the counter,

” The chocolate cake?”, She blushed,

“Yes and you”, I looked at my gold wristwatch, a quarter after twelve, “what about a late breakfast, me and you with this beauty”, I pointed to the cake,

“I have work I’m afraid I can’t leave”, her cheeks coloured I smiled, easy cheesy,

“Oh don’t worry, it will be right here”, I seemed to have convinced her since she left the counter and followed me with the chocolate cake.

The lunch was really great but I couldn’t finish the cake, I asked her if she wanted a piece but she politely refused, no shame in that though, so she had it packed for me and on my way while handing it over,

“So any plans?”, She asked with a wink,

“Em..well you seem busy tonight and the morrow”, I took the nylon from her hand,

“Come on what about Sunday?”,

“Sunday, nah I am busy on Sundays”, I might be a sinner but even the devil has his limit and Sunday is mine, might be the only redemption I might get to leave hell.

With that said I left, drove off to my house really proud of myself, the cake packed and on the passenger seat, I felt on top of the world.

“Hmmh, it is still a big piece”, I relaxed a little, “who can I share it with?”, I made a u-turn and a few more metres I horned, it didn’t take long for the gate to be opened.

“Ok, Jessica”, I dropped the cake on the kitchen table, “this is a one of a kind beauty, get it ready for me while I go work out an appetite”,

“Sure”, my cook took it and got set to work, I went upstairs to the gym and started working out, needed to make space in my stomach for a big meal.

Two hours later after passing out stool in the restroom, I had my bath and laid on my bed, unclad. I had a light sleep as a phone call woke me up,

“Hello”, my voice mixed with sleep,

“Oh, honey did I wake you?”, My sugar mummy asked, “sorry but my husband is out on business and….”,

“I understand, a beautiful house should be kept warm”, I stood up lazily from the bed, ” later tonight?”,

“Awwwn, thanks that’s why I love you”, with that she ended the call, I stood there for five minutes or so then decided it was time to savour the last taste of love, well for me that’s what I call it.

I went downstairs in a flash, sat at the dinner table and asked for the chocolate cake be brought before me, for a moment I wanted to leave it be, I wish I could eat my cake and still have it intact, arrgh the irony,

“Sorry, darling you are meant for me and me alone in the end”, it was beautiful till the very end, I thought with a tear down my left cheek, wiping it off I smiled,

“That seems to be the end of today’s infatuation”, I stood up from the table,. “Jessica, please clear this place, I have supper to prepare for”.


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