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I didn’t have much of a good sleep if you asked me, it was just filled with images of Moses smiling, laughing and imaginations of how he would look like when he is working out. I was angry with myself when I woke up the next morning,

“Just wasted eight hours of sleep”, I muttered, getting out of bed when one hasn’t really slept is another battle on it’s own, you desperately want to leave but the weariness and tiredness of your body draws you back to the bed and if your willpower isn’t strong enough, then you will find yourself back under the sheets. Sometimes you make a compromise, close your eyes for ten minutes then you will leave the bed afterwards, such lies!, You wake to see that you have spent at least one hour and then you struggle to make up for the time you wasted.

Today won’t be one of those days though, I had something important to take care of, but not going to lie, getting out of bed is such a drag,

“Why did she call me anyway?”, I asked no one in particular while having my bath, midway through my sleep last night, I received a call from my secretary, basically I don’t get calls unless it is something she can’t manage which rarely happens,

“Why?”, I flexed my biceps then washed my hair, ” what or who could be the reason?”,

It didn’t take long for me to be done in the bathroom, I dressed up in a flash, went downstairs and straight to the kitchen, breakfast they say, is the fuel for the first half of the day.

Jessica wasn’t up yet, not surprised since it was only just thirty minutes past five, I quickly made a breakfast consisting of toast, fried eggs and hot chocolate tea. I left a note addressed to Jessica, informing her about my outing, I took my motorcycle and was just coming out of my gate when I saw Moses leaving his house, he waved and since I didn’t see any vehicle parked in front of his house I did the most honourable thing I could think of at that point,

“Good morning Moses, how was your night?”,

“Good morning Tricky, it was fine”, he said with a smile,

“Going somewhere?”, Obviously he was since his clothes indicated that anyway,

“Yes, I am going to get certain things in motion”,

“Well, let me drop you off at some point, where will you be passing?”, I offered,

“Oh I don’t think I should, it will only be burdensome”, he scratched his hair, ” have a nice day today”,he was about walking off,

“Are you scared of riding on a motorcycle, Moses?”, I asked, he stopped and faced me,

“No I am not”, he said with such finality that I smiled,

“Then get on and let me drop you off”, he walked over and I handed him a helmet, as a rule I keep an extra one just incase a scenario like this occur, which always happens anyway,

“I hope I won’t be a nuisance”, he held on to my waist as I brought the engine to life,

“Oh don’t be silly”, I zoomed off, trying hard to ignore the fact that his hands were on me was an arduous task, I just pray I don’t have an accident because of that,

” Where exactly are you going?”, I asked,

” I am going to see a funeral director, that I am”,

“Oh”, he lost someone, how sad, ” by this time”,

“Well, the early bird gets the fattest worm I guess”,

“So where is this funeral director located?”, It didn’t take long to get to his bus stop, funny thing it is just two streets from my own destination, our path are just crossing,

“Thank you for the ride”, he placed his right hand on his chest, “I am grateful that I am”,

“Anytime”, and I zoomed off to work.

I parked the motorcycle and went inside the building, it was a thirty storey building or should I just call it a sky scrapper, I took the elevator to the last floor, adjusting my hair, I thought about Moses and hoped he was okay.

I entered the office of the CEO and saw a woman in a red hot dress, it clasped her body showing off her beautiful curves and well defined body, who could this hottie be?,

” Good morning ma”, I said, “How can I help you?”,

“Good morning”, her voice was beautiful alright, suitable for a beauty that she was, ” I need to see the CEO urgently”,

“Do you have an appointment?”,

“Yes”, she opened her purse and brought out the pass card she was given, “I contacted the secretary”, oh so that was why she called me, because of this beautiful woman,

“Okay, have a seat”, I walked over to the desk and sat on the chair, placing my hands on the table I bent my head over them for a while, then looking up to face her I said, ” I am the CEO, how can I help you?”, I didn’t fail to see the shock on her face, well it happens all the time, but they all seem to forget that, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover.

“Good morning..”, she greeted again,

“Good morning ma”, this never gets old, ” so how can I help you ma?”,

“I was sent by Mr Williams to propose a business deal”, at the mention of that name, I was filled with anger, it just filled me up like as if it was gushing from a tank that’s over filled,

“I don’t want to hear anything you have to say anymore, you can please leave my office”, I pointed to the door,

“Please this is of high importance”, she pleaded, “he only needs you to listen to what I have to say, it will be of a good profit to you too”,

“Mrs”, I rested my chin on the back of my palms, “if all I do is because of profit then I won’t be where I am today”, I stood up and walked to the door, while opening it I said, “you can tell him that I am not interested in any proposal and he might as well kiss his ass if he thinks that sending a beautiful woman to me will sway me”,

“Excuse me!”, She said annoyed,

I pointed to the door, indicating that it was open, “you have been excused”, she left my office and I shut the door immediately behind her, before she comes back with another tale.

When it was two in the afternoon, I went on a lunch break, I went to my favourite restaurant and was about ordering when Moses walked in, he was with a beautiful, foot swooping, drop dead gorgeous woman, curse you Moses!, I covered my face with the menu card so that he wouldn’t notice me, he and his guest sat just at the table behind me,

“Oh, Mr Moses such a lovely restaurant this is”, the beauty said,

“Oh, Mrs Claire, it is just one of those places people go to discuss business”, he said of course with a smile, wait business, could this be the funeral director?. I turned to take a peek but he caught me, when he saw me, he eyes grew bigger in surprise then he smiled and gave me a wink, arrgh! I just had to take a look, I smiled and quickly faced my menu card,

“Should I leave?,” I asked myself, “no, I got here first, if anyone should be leaving it is them”, I shook my head slowly, “I will enjoy my lunch and no one is going to bother me”, I made my order and ate in silence, paying no attention to whatsoever they discussed within twenty minutes I was done with my meal and was about leaving when Moses grabbed my right hand and pulled me back to my seat,


“Sorry about that”, he said with a smile, “you sure eat fast Tricky”,

“I am on break”, I looked him in the eye,” and I shouldn’t delay”,

“Oh sorry about that, when will you be done with work?”, Hmmh should I say in five hours time or in three?,

” Not anytime soon, why, any problem?”,

“No, actually, I thought you’ll have time I’d like to talk to you about something”

Hmmh, should I or should I not?, “Well, if it is important we can discuss it right now”,

“What about your work?”,

“I am my own boss”, I said with a smile, if there is one thing I don’t like is to be boastful, so I try as much as possible to avoid that,

“Ok then, number one, I would like to invite you to my father’s burial ceremony this Saturday”, he brought out a card and gave it to me, “It will only be just for two hours”,

“If you say so, please accept my condolences”, I took the card from him,

“Thank you, and number two”, the look on his face was mischievous, ” I wanted to know, are you seeing anyone?”,

What!, Why you annoying handsome man, “no I am not, and I don’t intend to”,

“Great!”, He held my hands, ” next question…”,

“Hold up, why all these questions”,

“Don’t worry you will also get your chance to ask yours too, so next question, are you a transgender?”,

“No I am not”, I answered rather coldly,

“Ok then, what about trans sexual?”,

“No I am not!”,

“Sorry if this questions of mine is getting personal, this will be my last question”, he raised his hands,” if I may?”,

Hmmmh, “ok “,

He asked, “are you gay?”,


“Well then, I guess that is all I needed to know, if you don’t mind I would love it if you can come to my house this evening, that I would”,

“Come to you house?”,


“I will come to your house only if I am satisfied with the answer you will give”,

“So you are going to ask me a question?”,


“Ask away, Tricky dear”, come to think Of it, he didn’t even ask me of my name,

“Why did you ask all those questions?”,

“Oh, well you see Tricky, the answer will be gotten from a long story”, he flexed his fingers, “Are you ready to listen?”,

“Yes”, you are not getting away, “I am ready”,

“Okay, I am glad, that I am”, he paused for a moment and looked at me intensely before continuing, “remember when I asked you if that was the appropriate bus stop to board a vehicle”,

“Yes I remember”, wish I could forget,

“Were you the only one present?”,

“No, there was other people”,

“True, but you were the only one I could ask because you were the only one that drew my attention. You stood apart from the rest and you were deep in thought, only a very intelligent person does that”, he paused and drank from his glass of water, “or a very disturbed person, you appeared to be the same though. If you can remember when I asked if I was a bother you said no that it helps you keep the dark thoughts away.

That was when it dawn on me that your soul deep down was troubled and depending on the answers you gave it still is”, he stretched his hands across the table top and held my palms in his, ” Tricky, something is bothering you deep inside that it is, and I would be more than willing to help you settle it, being a friend that I am”,

” Settle it?”, This was the first time someone actually reached out to me, the first time someone actually thought of my wellbeing and not just for greeds or selfish reasons, Moses who the heck are you?!,

“Yes, I can help you settle it”, he placed his right hand in his chest and said, “being someone who had gone through a lot, I can feel it in you but without proper guidance you won’t come out victorious, that you won’t”, and he held my palms again,

“Alright, Moses”, I removed my hands, “I don’t know what type of magic toothpaste you are using but I have to say, you got me”, I drank out of my glass of water, “I will come to your house later this evening”, I said with a smile,

“Great!”, He placed his right hand in his chest, ” I am very happy that I am”, will you stop doing that.

We left the restaurant thirty minutes later after having a dessert of ice cream, I had chocolate flavour while chose strawberry, upon getting to my office it was fifteen minutes past four, wow, well why don’t I wrap things up here and call it a day. I cleared my desk and informed my secretary that I’d be leaving,

“Yes, em Grace, one more thing”, I said while leaving, “anybody that comes in here to propose any business deals from Mr Williams should be shown to the door, is that taken?”,

“Yes ma”, she said, wait why did she,

“What did you just say?”,

“Sorry, yes, yes it is understood”, she pleaded, hmmh looks like I will have to sack her tomorrow.



To be continued…….

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