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Supper was great, I always wondered where I got my appetite from, certainly not from my mother, she ditched me for a better bargain and I doubt if it was from my father, he probably doesn’t know I survived.

“Stop thinking about that”, I reprimanded myself, “such thoughts won’t take you anywhere”.

I usually take public transportation whenever my sugar mummies call, just one of those things you have to be careful about, I don’t want to be pinpointed to a particular ride and then get assassinated by their jealous husbands, just treading softly. I was just about to take a bus when I saw something, no someone,

“Who the heck is this?”, The sight took my breath away, and in that moment I thought I was on cloud nine. The figure walked up to me and said,

“Good morning”,

“Huh?”, I couldn’t form any sentence, it felt as thought I was struck by lighting,

“Good morning, please I need to get to this location”, and showing me a piece of paper, “just needed to confirm if this is the bus stop I will get a vehicle to this location?”,

“Oh”, I took the paper and studied it carefully, “this is actually the bus stop, funny thing this is where I am headed”,

“Really”, just then I saw the most beautiful smile I never even imagined existed, ” why don’t we go together then, that way I don’t get lost”,

I just kept nodding, this person got me behaving like a complete idiot, but I don’t mind, might as well be a fool for once,

“Hope I won’t be such a bother?”,

“Not at all”, I smiled, “it helps to have a partner while on a journey, keeps my mind off dark thoughts”, arrgh, why did I add that last part,

“I know what you mean”, this person drew closer, “sorry for my lack of manners”, stretched forth a hand and said, ” My name is Moses, but I didn’t part the red sea though”, he gave a half laugh,

“Oh, Mr Moses nice meeting you”, I took his hand and briefly shook it, “well as a rule I don’t give out my name on a first acquaintance”,

“Oh, is that so”, he smiled, “then why don’t you tell me your Nickname, something I can call you with”,

“Tricky”, just had to make that up, “my Nickname is Tricky”,

“Well then M…”,

“Just call me Tricky”, I quickly said, ” I don’t like people adding titles to my name”,

“Sure, then you call me Moses”.

The bus came just a second after he said that, we got on the bus and sat close to each other,

“Visiting a friend?”, I asked, well it was none of my business anyways,

“Well, it depends on the way I will be received”, he said, taking his eyes off the roll of shops, he turned and faced me, “do you live in that area?”,

“Yes I do, any problem?”,

“No, I was just thinking, it will be bad that I stayed in a place where I do not know anybody at all”, he placed his right hand on his chest, “I am very glad that I have found at least a friend, that I am”,

“Friend”, did he just friend-zoned me, arrrgh, I can hear the depression train, Chuu-chuu,


We got off the bus and made our way into the street, he was going to a house just opposite mine,

“Tricky”, he said, placing his right hand in his chest, “I am very grateful for your help and your company today, that I am”,

“It is alright, Moses”, I liked the way his name sounded in my lips, “it was my pleasure, have a good day today”,

“You too”, he stood by the side walk until I had entered my gate, then he crossed.

“Jessica!!”, I shouted upon entering the living room, the smell of burnt beef filled the room,

“Sorry, I was carried away, but it is under control now”, she called from the kitchen,

“Hope that isn’t my breakfast?”,


“Good”, I went upstairs, needed to shower and re arrange my thoughts, never have I ever felt this way before, what is wrong with me. While in the shower, I replayed the conversation we had together in the bus in my head, word for word,

“Tricky”, I laughed, might as well said fishy,

“Stop thinking about it!”, I spoke to myself, arrgh it is of no use, he is In my head now, but it makes no sense at all. I sat on my bed for a while,

“He is a man, Tricky, a man!!”, And so doesn’t mean anything now does it, “yes it does!!”, Great now I am having an argument with myself, Moses I am going to get you out of my head, I need to.

“Jessica”, I called, I had come down to get something inside my tummy before It gets the best out of me,

“Yes”, she answered, ” I am in the bathroom, please give me a minute”,

“No worries take your time”, I walked into the kitchen, mmmmh been quite a while I cooked something, let’s see.

Minutes later, a tray containing a plate of fried rice and chicken was before me, I will savour every bit of it, it was delicious if I say so myself, now if I can just get Moses off my mind for a second, I will be very happy……

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