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“Gabrella”, Mrs James called out my name about five times, so I was told, but I was fast asleep until she banged my desk that I jumped out of my seat, thinking that a bomb exploded.

“Gabrella, in my office now!!”, My teacher shouted furiously. It wasn’t my fault, if my Mum had allowed me to go to bed early none of this could have happened, instead she kept me up all night, washing the dishes. How great!.

When I entered her office, I felt like I was in a dungeon because all her windows had burglary proof. Her desk was dusty and looked old, even the portrait she had, hanged on the wall behind the door resembled a burning torch. How could she put that there!, I thought.

“You are going to stay back and assist the cleaners to keep the school clean, two hours of school service should be sufficient”. She looked up at me for a brief second, “and you are not leaving until that is done!”.

“But I did that last week”, I protested

“That is your business young lady”, she opened a brown book on her desk, picked up a pen and started writing something,”next time learn not to sleep in my class”, she closed the book, “you can leave now”.

I left angry, anytime I sleep in her class it is always a big deal but when Danielle does it, she just look pass it.

I heard some footsteps coming my way, looking up, the very beautiful Danielle,

“Looks like someone is going to stay behind today”,she said. How can her voice be so sweet yet so annoying!!, She walked away of course to tell her sassy friends of my present predicament.

“Gabby”, I looked backed and there I saw a beautiful angle, perfectly composed, must be the nearest person alive!, My best friend, Gift. Finally some good luck.

“Gift, what’s up?”, I walked up to her

“We are to come to the assembling ground”,

“Neh?”, I asked

“Something came up or so I guessed, so the whole school is to gather at the assembling ground”, we took a short bend

“Who is conducting?”,

“You mustn’t ditch it!”,

“Fine”, I resigned to my fate. On getting there the whole school was gathered, such a large crowd if you ask me.

Mrs Hustling, our history teacher was the one conducting the assembly, she was a small woman with a pointed nose and well shaved brows.

“Looks like we are breeding thieves among us”, her deep vibrating voice was echoed, that is just her one flaw though, she has a masculine voice. Well one can’t be complete!

“Reports of missing items are numerous everyday”, she paused and look around to see if her words sank in,

“Luckily, we have gotten a suspect”, she continued.

There was a low murmuring among the students.

“Quiet!!”, She shouted, oh yes I forgot she also has a very bad temper, once she threw a book at me because I was talking in her class. Well I am not really one for history so…

“When you hear your names, please take a step to the podium”, she called some names but at the mention of my name, I froze,

“Gabrella Micheal”, she had a smirk on her lips

Gift stared at me in shock, I shook off the fear from my body and went forward, if I perish I perish!.

Seems like my name was the last because as soon as I got to the podium she dropped the book in her hands and faced we, the accused of should I say accursed.

“You all are guilty of theft and you will be punished severely by the disciplinary board”, she looked at me briefly and honestly she looked like a witch with long sharp claws, with blood dripping down her mouth because she just finished sucking someone’s blood, my blood to be exact.

“Excuse me ma’am”, I said raising my right hand, when given the permission to speak I said,

“I really don’t know why I was called out, you accuse me of theft but I see no evidence”, the look in her face was intimidating but a look at Gift gave me the courage I needed, “I feel deprived of my rights and I will love to invite my parents over this matter”.

The rest agreed to what I said and also asked for their parents to be invited also. She was angry but accepted our request.

“Your parents will be invited upon your request”, she paused,”but if found guilty, you will be thoroughly punished!”, She looked intensely at me which made me wonder, what exactly is her problem with me!.

After that we all went to our various classes,

“Gabby, who is doing this to you?”, Gift was at her desk, “why will you be accused of theft?”, very typical of Gift always one to ask questions without waiting for a reply.

“Honestly I don’t know” I was packing my books, “but I do know one thing”, I looked at her,” I didn’t do it”.

“And I believe you”, she gave me a hug.

Finally the closing bell rang, Gift was to take my bag home for me since I will have to stay behind and serve my school in sanitary duties.

A group of three came up to me,

“Hi”, the only girl in the group said, “I am Tina”.

“Hi Tina, how are you?”, I felt obligated to ask

“Fine”, she smiled, “I was wondering if you will like to meet up with us on Saturday at the park?”,

“Hmmh, Saturday”, I looked at the two boys and back at her, “sure”.

“Alright, see you by 2pm then”, she held out her right hand,

I took it and shook it, “you bet”.

Crazy if you asked me

Sanitary duties today took an unexpected turn, if you ask me. I was mopping the floor across Mrs James office, when I heard something strange. It sounded as if she was casting a spell or something being one who likes gossips I got closer to the door.

“Aparoros parrock particalpacisis”, that was Mrs Hustling voice, now that sounded strange. I eased dropped a little and got even more confused,

“We must unite and achieve our goals….”, I heard footsteps and immediately I went back to my former position, singing softly as I was mopping. Mrs James opened the door, looked at me a moment then shut it loudly.

The look on her face was certainly that of a witch and if I were to paint her then. I will paint a woman with a crazy hairdo wearing a black witch cloak, with creepy dwarfs shoes.

Enough imagination, I got work to do. I quickly finished up and since that was the last thing to do, I left for home.


On my way home I had a lot of questions on my mind, who are they?, what was their goal?, why do they need to unite?, What if it is taking over the world and turning everyone’s to animals?,

Okay that last question was crazy, I laughed a little but still could they be witches?……..


To be continued……



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