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The Battle begins….

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The trio weren’t surprised when I told them, Tina just gave me the ‘i told you so’ look and Leo and David just smiled. The fact that Gift is a witch, and that she knows about me and the trio, it made us to work harder and faster. My parents woke me up one Saturday morning,

“Gabby, we are going out of town for three days, hope that’s not enough time for you to do something crazy?”, Mum asked,

“Three days!”, I shouted, “why?”,

“Oh come on, I told you about the trip didn’t I?”, My mum said while closing the door of the car, she had packed the luggage last night and had kept them inside the car. She was just checking for inspection,

“Yes, but I didn’t expect it so soon”, to be honest I am glad they are leaving town, it means that they will be safe from any attacks the witches will want to launch, but I can’t let them see that I am happy, unless I won’t have it easy. What kind of child gets happy that their parents are leaving town,

“Well, honey it so happens that way”, my dad said, he gave me a kiss on the head and said, “you will be alright, there’s food in the house and you can always call us in case of any emergency, and we will be right here, okay?”,

“Okay”, I said and watched them drive out into the road, “buy something for me on your way back”, I yelled while waving. I stood there for a while, watching the car until it was out of my range of vision, then I went in, only to be surprised,

“Ahhh!”, I shouted, “what are you guys doing here?”, The trio were in my sitting room, helping themselves to a tray of yogurt and cup cakes,

“Oh, well since your parents are on a three days vacation, we decided to camp here for that three days”, Tina said, giving me a big smile,


“To keep you company and to strategize how we will defeat the witches”, she said, taking a sip out of her glass of yogurt,

“I really see no reason why you should be here”, I said, taking a seat opposite Tina,

“Right now we only have three days to defeat the witches”, David said, “so let’s work together and get this done”,

“Beside this will help build team spirit and good rapport”, Leo smiled.

“Okay, but first you have to promise me that you won’t break anything you can’t fix”, I don’t want to have my parent killing me when they get back from their trip,

“Yes”, they said in unison,


We went straight to work, firstly Leo had kept a tracking device on one of my classmate, he suspected that the fellow has a link to the witches,

“I have been watching him for a while, and I noticed that at a particular time of the day, he goes to a venue where he meets up with a group of people”, Leo briefed us, “and guess what guys?”,

“What?”, I asked,

“He is going there today by twelve this afternoon”, he answered.

I looked at the wall clock, it was reading forty five mins past ten, meaning we had one hour and fifteen minutes before the meeting starts,

“Since we know where he will be and the time that the meeting will start, let us get prepared for it”, Tina said, ” we should sneek in quietly and listen to their meeting, we might pick up something of great importance”,

“Sure thing, but first let’s try communicating telepathically”, David said, “if we are to pull this off, we will need to be able to communicate without making a sound”,

“True”, I nodded, but deep down I was wondering, if we are going to communicate with our minds, won’t they be able to read mine too,

‘yes they can’, Paleochi said, ‘but so can you too, when trying to communicate telepathically, empty your mind and try to feel your partner mind’

“Okay so we are going to give it a try”, Leo said while adjusting his glasses, “close your eyes and listen to the rhythm of your heart, empty your mind and try to feel your guardian voice, after that, use their energy to reach out to one another”,

“Why?”, I asked

“The spirits inside of us are of the same origin, so they are connected”, David explained, “we use their connection to communicate with each other”,

“Oh, okay”, I smiled, “let’s do this”.

At first, it felt difficult, how do you expect me to empty my mind,

‘to empty your mind, think of yourself in a dark room’, I heard Paleochi say, ‘then I will light a candle in your mind’, I did exactly what she said and when I saw the candle, it was beautiful. It felt like I was in a room, I saw paintings on the wall, one of them was of a very beautiful and tall lady,

“Wow”, I reached out to touch it, it felt dusty, as if it haven’t been cleaned,

‘you are looking at my picture’, a voice came from one of the chairs and I looked towards that direction, a tall, elegant and beautiful lady was seated on one of the seats. She had large earrings on her ears and exquisite jewelries on her neck. Her dress seemed to have been made out of butterflies,



“Wow, you look amazing”, I sat by her side and took her hand, “is this even possible?”,

‘yes, you are inside your mind’, she smiled, then pointed to a door at the back, ‘that is where my garden is’,

“Wow, can I have a look at it?”,

‘No, you aren’t here for that’, she held my hand, ‘you are here to learn how to communicate telepathically with your group’,

“Yes ma”.

She placed her right hand on my head, and I felt a wave of energy entering into my body, I started hearing Leo voice, and then David’s, soon afterwards Tina’s voice came flooding in too,

“Hey guys, can you hear me?”, She asked,

“Yes”, we said in unison,

“Amazing!”, I shouted,

“Ouch!, Will you stop shouting?”, Leo said,

‘when communicating telepathically, even the smallest sound wave is amplified, so talk gently okay’, Paleochi warned me,

“Sorry about that”.

After that, we got ready to attend the meeting, more like sneek into it, we had only 15mins to get there, Tina snapped her fingers and we were at the venue, we hid ourselves behind a large cupboard, David coated it with a magic that won’t make them perceive our presence. It didn’t take long for the meeting to start, in attendance was; Henry, my head of class, Gift and some other people I didn’t know.

We listened with rapt attention,

“The chosen one has discovered her powers and she is connected to her inner circle”, Gift said, “we don’t have much time left, we have to extract the spirits from all of them and hand them over to the great guardians”,

“Yes, but how are we going to do that now that she has awakened?”, Henry asked,

“Well, we will have to kill them and extract the spirits, they were going to die anyways”, she answered, “we will attack them and since she just discovered herself, she won’t be trained enough to defeat us, besides the inner circle is weak, so they won’t be much of a problem”,

“What about the great guardians?, Will they approve of our plan?”, A lady spoke up, “you know they wanted the chosen one alive”,

“True, I will meet with them tomorrow”, Gift said, “and whatever information I acquire, I will pass it across”,

“Okay sister”, the lady agreed.

I heard David voice in my head, “Gabby, try and create a small distraction in their midst”,

“Okay”, I said, and looked at the centre table, there was a basket of fake fruits on it, I directed my energy into it and the basket flew into the air, and turned around, making the fake fruits inside the basket fall on everyone, then I made the table rise and hit the ground with so much force it scattered,

“That’s enough”, David said,


The meeting was disorganised afterwards, and before they could find us, Tina snapped her fingers and we disappeared.

When we got back home, we gathered round and sat at the centre of the sitting room,

“So they want to remove the spirits inside of us, wow”, I said, “is that possible?”,

“Yes it is”, David said, “and if they do that this world is doomed”,

“Why do you say so?”, I know I shouldn’t have asked but still,

“I don’t know but I have a bad feeling about it”, he answered,

“Let’s ask the spirits then”, Tina said, “everyone hold hands and close your eyes, then take deep breaths and meet with your guardian. Then use their energy to connect”.

I saw myself once again in that room, but this time Paleochi had changed her seat,

‘so you have returned’, she said,

“Yes”, I didn’t know what else to say, so I kept quiet for a while,

‘you want to ask me some questions don’t you?’, she said, breaking the silence

“Yes, but I am guessing you already know them”,

‘Yes I do’, she took a deep breath and said, ‘long ago, before the creation of this world, a meeting took place in Olympus, and those in attendance included the twelve great spirits. I was one of them and so were the three spirits of the inner circle, eight of us were sacrificed to create this world of man, while the remaining four of us escaped’,

“Oh my!”,

‘We fled to the new created world of man, and decided to lay low choosing not to interfere with the business of this world, but man will be man. Selfish is their nature that they searched for power from the supernatural to fuel their evil desires, a young man and three of his disciples turned to me and begged for assistance to help save the world at that time, he claimed that he would correct all errors and restore peace and order. I assisted him and so did the other spirits, he did as he said he would and for a short time, peace and order was brought to the world’,

“But what happened next?”,

‘After the death of this man and his disciples, the new generation that aroused didn’t know how to maintain such delicate state, and no sooner did another war break out. Patterns after patterns, events after events, it was always the same thing. What is, had been and will be’, after a long pause I said,

“But in this case, the witches are after you and the remaining spirits”,

‘True, the target have changed, but the reason is still the same’, she gave a sad sigh, ‘it will always be to accomplish their selfish goals and fulfil their selfish desires’,

“Paleochi, I might not be able to do a lot of things, but I will protect you with everything I can”,

‘i will be watching from here’, and with that I left the room and came back to the sitting room with the trio.

“We have a lot of things to do”, Leo said,

“And that was why I placed a tracking device on Gift before we left”, David said with a smile,

“You sly Fox”, Tina laughed.

We decided to call it a day, after sharing the information that we got from the spirits, but what Paleochi said kept playing in my head, she said what is, had been and will be, was she implying that we won’t be able to solve anything, or that we won’t be able to stop this world from following the same pattern of the one before it?, Leave it to the spirits to confuse your mind and change your resolution, but sorry I am not going to let any of that happen.

The following day was more of a history revisiting and trying to put together the big picture,

“Paleochi said that, the spirit were used to create this world, could it be that the witches are trying to create something or someplace?”, I suggested,

“Hmmh, I am seeing the picture, so they need the spirits to create something or someplace, but why and for what purpose?”, Leo asked, he had removed his glasses and I was finding it difficult to take my eyes off him,

“Well, Chronos said that, they are powerful enough to re-create this world when their powers are merged together”, Tina said,

“Who is Chronos?”, I asked,

“My spirit guardian”, she said with a smile,

“So if they want to re-create this world, then I am guessing it will be for a very diabolic agenda”, David said, “well, we will have to follow Gift and find out”,

“Follow!”, I shouted, “if we follow her, we are going to meet with their leaders”,

“Yes, meaning that, we have to be prepared because, today might be when things gets serious!”, David said, “and she is already on the move already”,

“Well, we still have time to train, since we have to wait for her to get there”, I said, “then Tina will get is there with her snapping transport”,

“Hmmh, looks like we won’t have much time to train”, Leo bent over the map that was in our middle, a red dot was see moving, did I fail to mention that the tracker was actually a magic scent placed on the individual,

“Why did you say so?”, I asked, also looking at the red dot,

He wore his glasses and looked at me, “Because Gift is already at the venue where she is to meet their leaders”, after he said that, I felt a cold sensation all over my body, I shouldn’t be afraid but still I felt so scared,

“Then we are taking our leave too”, Tina said, and snapped her fingers.



To be continued….

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