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The Truth…

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When Gift came to my house for lunch, I was still preparing it in the kitchen so she came and gave me a hand, within thirty minutes we were done.

I had prepared stirred fried noodles and poached salmon for lunch, well I am not a cook by nature but only cook out of necessity.

” My oh my! This is quite a feast if you asked me, why such an extravagant lunch?”, Gift asked as we set the table

“Oh nothing serious, the fish has been in the freezer for such a long time, so I just had to cook it”, I said with a smile, lies like this are always at the tip of my fingers,

“Are we not the only one having lunch?”, She asked, when she saw me placing two more plates on the table,

“Oh, my parents are at home today, so naturally they are going to have lunch with us”, I placed the cutlery beside the plate, ” hope no problem?”,

“Nothing really, I just thought it will be only us that’s all”, but the look on her face said otherwise. We have had lunch before with my parents and well, so far so good.

Within minutes my parents came down for lunch,

“Wow, Gabby I can smell some delicious aroma coming from the dinner table”, dad said, while taking deep breath and complimenting the dish,

“I must say, the aroma is actually nice”, mum also complimented, on getting to the table they saw Gift and greeted her too.

When we were all seated, we held hands and prayed a short prayer before we commenced the delicious business of finishing the food before us,

“Gabby, this food tastes even better than the aroma”, Dad said with his mouth full, “have you been taking cooking lessons?”,

“I even wanted to ask because this taste better than any food you have ever cooked, no offence intended”, Mum supported,

“It was because Gift helped me with the cooking that’s why”, I replied half heartedly,

“I only help put the fish inside the pot, Gabby did basically everything”, she eyed me,

“I see what is going on here, anyways the food is delicious, compliment to the Chef”, Mum said with a smile and gave dad a knowing wink.

Doing the course of lunch, I decided to put my plan into action. I purposely sat opposite Gift, so that when I am ready to look into her eyes, it will be very easy and convenient for me. We talked about school and other girl related things, until I brought up the topic of witches,

“Mum, do you believe that witches exist?”, I asked

“Well, Gabby it depends”, she said, helping herself to a glass of water, “but I do believe that there are witches”,

“What about you dad?”,

“Well, yes I do but then again I don’t”, he smiled, “witches are believed to be ugly women with a crooked nose, terrible warts on their face and a wand made out of a tree branch”,

“Let’s not forget the terrible black robes and pointed shoes people claim they wear”, mum pointed her fork at my dad,

“True honey, so that makes me not to believe that they exist, but then again, what can we say about the women in stalls that tell you about the future by looking through a odd glass ball or your palm. Or about those that read tarot cards and tell you about the future”, he laughed,

“Hmm, yeah, I know about that too”, I drank a little water then asked, “Gift what about you, do you believe that there are witches?”,

“Yes I do”, she answered with such finality, it was hard not to miss the slight sound of annoyance,

“Why?”, I pressed further,

“Well, Gabby my reasons are not relatable, but I believe there are witches because I chose to”, she looked at me for a split second before facing her food,

“Well, I do believe that there are witches”, I said, “they might have come into existence because of the injustice in the world of wizardry, or because someone misunderstood them and made them the bad guys”, I took a bite out of my salmon and continued, “still I believe that there are good witches”,

“I doubt that”, Gift said while looking intensively into my eyes, that was my chance and I wasn’t going to waste it. I quickly drew her into my mind and concentrated all my energy, I felt like passing out, but I had to keep on going. When finally I was about to trap her in my mind, I saw the colour surrounding her and tears poured out of my eyes like a broken tap, it was purple!.

She was a witch after all, the trio were right, Paleochi was right,

“Gift why?”, I asked, still crying like a lover whose heart has been badly bashed,

“Oh I see you have learnt a few things right, you have met up with the trio and have discovered all about the supernatural right?”, She laughed,

“Answer my question!”, I shouted furiously,

“Because I chose too!”, She shouted back, “I don’t answer to you Gabby, so you have no right to question me”,

“Gift!”, I was beyond shocked, there I stood, my cheeks wet with sad tears, my eyes red and shocked, looking but disbelieving all what I was seeing,

“How long do you think you can last?”, She sneered, “the highest for a beginner like you should be five minutes maximum, so don’t waste your time. Now that you know who I am, let me warn you, things have just started”,

“I still can’t believe it”, my lips were trembling,

“Better do!”, She snapped, ” I think your time is up”. True to her words I felt a lot of energy had been drained out of me, I was really fighting a loosing battle trying to keep her trapped,

‘Gabby, let her go’, Paleochi told me softly, ‘remember your parents are probably wondering what’s going on’,

“Gift, we have a lot to talk about”, I placed my right hand on my chest, ” don’t be a coward and try to avoid me”,

“I am no coward, I will have you know!”, She shouted,

“Then prove it”, and with that I closed my eyes, released my energy and released her from my mind. We both woke up, finding ourselves on my bed in my bedroom,

“What happened”, I asked as I came around,

“You both fainted!”, My dad shouted, “what happened?”,

“Nothing much”, Gift said, “must have been too much talking while eating”,

“Well, we still have a lot of things to talk about”, I looked at her, “but we are fine dad”,

“Don’t tell me, tell the doctor”, he said

“Doctor?”, We asked together,

“Your mum went to get the doctor”, as if it was planned, mum came in with Dr Milan, she had been our family doctor ever since I was born. After all her questions and examinations, we were confirmed okay. My dad took Gift home, while I locked myself up in my bedroom crying out my eyes out.

‘Now what are you going to do?’, Paleochi asked me, I just cried the more. When it was dinner time, I came down and helped myself to the meal, I later went back up to think. Now that I have found out the truth, surely the witches will want to speed up their plan, I have to let the trio know. I spread my hands and closed my eyes, I certainly don’t want to hear another bad news again.



To be continued…..



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