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Training really was tiring it felt like we were racing against time but I really didn’t see any danger so why the rush!, Paleochi and I really bonded that we would talked to each other a lot, subconsciously and even once I laughed out loud at one of her jokes but when we trained it was as if she was different, we were so in synchronisation that I got better and better daily.

One thing bothered me though, the fact that they still refer to Gift as a Witch and anytime they do I just get aggressive with them until the subject is dropped, so Leo came up with a plan to prove me wrong well that was what he said but it will be me proving him wrong, I mean I’ve known Gift for so long that there is no way she could be a witch,

“There is this technique that brings out the true identity of a person”, Leo said one day when we gathered together at the hide out, “if a bright blue light shines the person is human but if it’s a purple light the person is a witch”, he looked directly at me,

“Ok what technique is that?”, I asked, “how do I perform it?”, A good chance to prove to them that Gift is not a witch,

“Since you and Paleochi are in synchronisation, you just draw the individual which is in this case Gift into your mind by locking eyes with her”, he explained but I didn’t understand,

“Excuse me, I don’t get it”, seriously explain well bro,

“Let me show you an example”, he said and told me to look into his eyes which I did, for a moment it felt weird but suddenly I felt my body being pulled into a room with so much force it felt as if I went through a key hole, the room was pitch black with nowhere out, just then a centre light shone and I saw Leo seated,

“Where am I?”,

“You are in my mind”, he smiled and adjusted his glasses, “when you locked eyes with me I pulled you into my mind and since my willpower was stronger I won”, he placed his right leg on top of his left leg and leaned forward, “so you are my prisoner for the moment”,

“Cool, how long does it last?”,

“Well, just five minutes maximum because it drains energy and if you push it further you might pass out”,

“Okay, how do I get out?”, The blackness was getting to me,

“Oh either you fight back or you try to overpower with the strength of your willpower”,

“Or I patiently wait till five minutes passes by”, I said standing akimbo,

“Can’t you see anything around me?, Any colour of light?”,

“Now that you mentioned it, you seem surrounded by a blue light, although it appears mixed with white”, altogether it looked sky blue in colour and it was massive, could this be what he was talking about earlier, blue colour symbolizes a human while purple a witch, if I do this to Gift will she be blue or purple?, No! She will be blue, Gift is not a witch,

“I understand how you feel Gabby but the truth is the truth”,

“And the truth is that Gift is not a witch”,

“Well, we are sure to find out soon enough, aren’t we Gabby?”, He snapped his finger and I felt my body being pulled out of a key hole with so much force, the darkness around me disappeared and I saw my self in a room of white,

“Where am I?”, I asked no one in particular, I saw blurry faces looking down on me and I could hardly make out what they were saying,

“Gab….by, she has…..a…. nose…. bleed”, wait!, A nose what!, I raised my head up almost bumping into Tina’s face,

“Hey, watch it”, she said, “and keep still you have a bleeding nose and we have to stop it”, I touched my nose and looked at my hand and saw blood,

“Ahhhhhh”, I shouted, I have never seen so much blood before after my miraculous accident the other time,

‘oh be quiet’, Paleochi said to me, ‘i will help you with the bleeding’,

Oh thank you Paleochi what can I ever do without you, and in a matter of seconds the bleeding stopped.

    After some time I sat on the couch and relaxed a little bit, Leo’s colour was sky blue does that mean he is mixed, what does that white even mean?,

“Hey, Leo”, I waved,

“Yes”, he was drinking a glass of yoghurt that I brought from home, did I fail to mention that anything we have practice it is a rule that I bring at least half a dozen of yoghurt with me or else I will have to go back home and get it, these yoghurt freaks,

“The white light I saw that does it mean?”,

“Oh that”, he gulped down the yoghurt in his glass cup and cleaned his mouth, “aaa refreshing!, Oh yes the white light signifies Ramos”, he said while touching his chest,


“The spirit inside of me”,

“Oh”, they have spirit inside of them too, nice,

“Gabby we need to actually speed up our training”, David who have been silence the whole time said, “having spirits inside of us helps us get stronger, help us make quick and fast decisions also helps us speak to each other telepathically and…

“Wait did you just say telepathically, like without moving our lips?”, I really must say this gets better and better every time,

“Yes Gabby among other things”,

“Cool when do we start?”,

“We can’t start now because we are not in synchronisation”, Tina said while collecting a glass of yoghurt from David, “we have to be in agreement for it to happen and right now we are still arguing whether or not Gift is a witch”,

“Oops, well I will do what Leo said and prove to you all that Gift is not a witch”, but deep down I was scared, what if gift is a witch, what happens next?, No Gabby lets stay positive.

I practiced it afterwards and men! Was it hard, each time my energy gets drained and I couldn’t last more than ten seconds, but I kept pushing myself and on the third day I was a pro. You would say that it was my desire to prove the trio wrong that kept me going, but really it was my love and trust in Gift that motivated me.

  Gift is my best friend and I have know her for years there is no way she would do something terrible, so for the trio to call her a witch, that is so wrong, it is like blasphemy, so I just had to prove them wrong.

‘what if they are right and Gift turns out being a witch, what are you going to do Gabby?’, Paleochi asked me as I was preparing for bed, I had decided to test it out tomorrow and while coming back from practice I stopped at Gift’s house to invite her over for lunch tomorrow,

‘what will you do if the trio happens to be right and you are wrong?’, she asked again,

“What if they are wrong?, What if Gift is not a witch?”, I asked her back, “seriously can’t everyone just believe the fact that Gift is not a witch!”,

‘okay Gabby, let tomorrow decide who is right or wrong’.

        I laid awake in bed and hummed softly, constantly telling myself over and over again that I was right and they were wrong, nothing is going to change that, but when tomorrow came, it came with a slap to my face and a crack to my heart, why?……

To be continued………

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