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I walked quickly to the bus stop and got on a bus, inside the bus I thought to myself,

“why did she hug me and how did she know I was going to the park?”,

I didn’t remember telling her anyway, hmmh. I looked around to see if by any chance she was on the bus, but she wasn’t only a weird looking old woman and a newly wed plus a couple of teenagers, I sighed.

I got down at the park and was just about to enter through the gate when Leo pulled me inside,

“Hey, what was that for?”,

“Someone followed you here Gabby”, he said,

“Who?”, I looked back but only saw the old woman that I had seen in the bus,

“Well, I believe that woman over there”, he pointed to the old woman, “followed you”,

“I don’t think so”, I looked at her more closely she didn’t even look to my direction, “maybe she is visiting her grandchildren?, You just can’t conclude without facts Leo”,

“My, my, since when do young girls have grandchildren, these world is something else”, he said with a laugh, why I think this boy is nuts!, You can clearly see an elderly woman making her way to the bench to have a seat, probably tired by the journey and you are calling her young!,

“Believe it or not Gabby”, he faced me and the intensity of his eyes through his glasses told me that he was serious, very serious,


“That elderly woman seated on that bench is your good friend Gift”, he smiled,

“What!, Leo you really need to wake up if you are sleeping or you need a serious eye check up or maybe a new set of glasses, Gift is not an old woman!”,

Tina joined us, “let us go, David is waiting”,

“I don’t think we can have our meeting here anymore”, Leo adjusted his glasses, “Gift is here and I think that can pose as a problem”,

“Leo, that is not Gift”, how many times am I going to tell you!,

“Hmmh, don’t worry I will explain it to you, let’s just go find David and meet up somewhere else”, he said,

“Sure”, we found David in a matter of seconds, looks like he was also looking for us since we met at the centre of the park.

Leo told him everything and I just kept quiet because I don’t want to be arguing with these stubborn guys,

“Gabby, did you have any contact with Gift today?”, David asked me,

“Well, she hugged me today which was quite unusual, why?”,

“I believe she has placed a kind of magic on you that tells her where your location is, more like a scent, even if we leave the park and go elsewhere she will easily track you and find out where you are”, he sat on a bench, “and we can’t have her hovering around us while we talk”,

Why are they making it seem that Gift is a bad guy, what scent, “ok so what are we going to do about it?”,

“We take it off you of course”, Leo said with a grin, he adjusted his glasses and placed his hands on my shoulders, he mumbled something and just then I felt something like a shadow leaving my body, it was weird but somehow I could feel as if I was free from a curse or something, “what did you just do?”,

“I took the scent off you of course”, he laughed,

“Amazing!”, I was truly amazed, Wow will I also be able to do that too?, I wondered.

“Ok now that that have been taken care of, let’s leave before she realise that we have removed the scent”, David said, “Tina if you don’t mind, can you take us to the zoo?”,

“Sure”, and with that she snapped her fingers, in a split of a second we appeared at the zoo,

“How do you do that?”, I asked,

“Do what?”, She asked looking puzzled,

“What you just did, the finger snapping magic”,

“Oh that, it is actually easy you see, I just snap my fingers and we travel through thin films of molecular spaces, very easy”, she said in one breath,

” you see, what separates the past from the present and also the future is just a thin film of space and I can easily manipulate that to my advantage, by stretching, pulling or changing the orientation of that tiny film I can change our present moment at will”, wow, she is literally blowing my mind, I can hear fire works sounding in my head, mama I just found a role model!.

They led me to a small room behind the gorilla cages, they had a cool hideout, who would have thought that these quiet kids in class were actually capable of such feat, they are truly amazing set of people, but still the whole idea of Gift placing a scent on me made it look like she was a bad guy in a movie and I don’t like that idea at all, Leo took a seat beside the window, Tina sat on a table at the centre of the room while David literally floated in the air,

“I have a question I would like to ask?”, I said, taking a seat by the door,

“Ask away”, David said,

“Why did you make it sound like Gift is a bad person?”,

“Hmmh, how will I answer this now?”, He dropped to the fall with such grace, you would have thought he was a dancer, “Gift is a witch…”,

“Neh!, What do you mean by that?”, I stood up, “there is no way in the whole of Jupiter that my best friend is a witch!”, I will not let you insult her!,

“Yeah, I thought that same way too”, Tina said, “when I found out that my then best friend was a witch”, she faced me, “it tore me apart, I didn’t believe so I asked her instead of her to deny it and tell me that its all a lie, she laughed and almost killed me”, she walked over to me, “Gabby”, and held my hands, “I know it is difficult to believe that the girl who you think you know isn’t all what she is”,

“Wait a minute”, I removed my hands from hers, “Gift can’t be a witch, she is..she is… She just can’t be….she can’t be”,

“She is!”, David shouted, I looked at him, “whether you believe it or not it doesn’t change the fact that she is a witch, that have caused the death of a lots of innocent people”,

“Shut up!”, I shouted, “Gift will never do that, she will never hurt anybody”,

“That’s enough!”, Leo seemed to have had enough of our bickering, “if she doesn’t believe I don’t blame her, it only shows just how much she loves and trust her friend and that is what a normal friend do”, he went over to a book shelve that was resting on the wall by the left and picked up a book, he placed it on the central table and opened it, “Gabby come and have a look at what this page say”,

“Ok”, I walked over to have a look, the writing was something else I couldn’t make out anything it was as if I was reading Greek or Latin but suddenly I heard Paleochi interpretation, as thought she was reading it to me, ‘witches are everywhere and anywhere, they can be your parent, your closest friend, siblings’, I heard her say,

“Do you understand?”, He asked,

“Yes, but still…”, That doesn’t mean that Gift is a witch, “I don’t believe that Gift is a witch and even if she is, what if she is a good witch?”,

“Good witch?”, David laughed, “there is nothing like a good witch, a witch is a witch Gabby”,


“Gabby, what do you want to do?”,Tina interrupted me,

“What I want to do?”,

“Yes, you don’t believe us no problem”, she closed the book, “what do you want to do?”, What do I want to do?, Well I don’t like the way they are saying all these things about Gift, so I guess what I want to do is to prove to them that Gift is not a witch and even if she is, she isn’t a bad one!,

“First thing first, we will discuss Gift later”, Leo said, “we don’t much time left”, true he has a point, but I am still going to prove to them that Gift is a good person.

I sat on the seat beside the window this time and looked outside while Leo was talking, “for now we will answer Gabby questions and we will test if she had indeed awoken Paleochi, are we good?”,

“Good” we said in chorus.

My questions were not all that complicated, so they easily answered them but then one question came to my mind, ” ah yes, em, guys I want to know, what exactly is the job of the chosen one and the inner circle?”,

“Good question”, David said, “you see the chosen one is always needed in every era because new threats to humanity appears everytime, from evil demons to witches, there is always a new threat”, he paused for a moment, “so when a chosen one dies the spirit of Paleochi enters the next chosen one and is only awoken at time of great importance”,

“Hmmh, what are qualities of a chosen one anyways?”,

“More like why are you the chosen one?”, David smiled, “Gabby I really don’t know, it is you that will find that out yourself that you will”,

“Ok what about the inner circle then?”,

“Well, we are just like backups we train the chosen one and help fight against evil too, we have spirit in us too that are awaken at important time just like the chosen one”,

“I will pretend as if I understood all what you said”, and he laughed, ” ok let’s get to work”,

“A piece of advice Gabby”, Leo said with a grin, “what ever you do, take this seriously, ok?”,


“Are you ready?”, Tina asked me, the look on her face said a lot, something like I will wipe the floor with your face,

“Yes ma”, and with that there was a minute of silence, as if we were not sure of the next step we should take or what to even expect, I was just about to say something when suddenly Leo brought out knives from nowhere, he adjusted his glasses and grinned, he threw the knives at me and I only missed it by a hair breadth, I jumped from my seat and rolled onto the floor, getting to my feet Tina threw a knife at me, I jumped back just in time,


“Oh I shouldn’t hold back ok”, she said and snapped her fingers, she appeared behind me and hit me on my head with her leg, I came crashing down she was about to step in me with such force I rolled to the side and stood up quickly, just then I heard a sound and bent my head just in time to dodge Leo’s knives, all through the fight David hasn’t done anything at all, he just sat in the air watching, a blow to my face told me I was distracted, arrgh, I needed to think I haven’t landed any solid hit on any one of them, just then Tina appeared in front of me and punched my stomach, the pain was much that I grimaced but was quick to dodge Leo multiple punches,

“Let’s take a break”, I pleaded,

“Nope”, Tina smiled and snapped her fingers I quickly bent down thinking she was going to appear in front of me and try to give me a punch but instead it was a chair that appeared and hit me on the face but I guided it with my hands crossed over my face, so she can also move objects too, amazing!, Wait where was Leo, just then a kick at my back told me that he was behind me,

“Gabby you are not even attacking”, David said,

“It is not easy you know!”, I shouted, if there was something I could use to defend myself, Tina’s punches were painful, I was bruised in everywhere thinkable and one of Leo’s knives cut me on my forehead, I looked like a rag doll that has been thrown around, it sucks!,

‘you need help?’, Paleochi asked, ‘well thank you asking, of course I need help!’,

I didn’t know what happened but when Tina was about to hit me, I dodge it so perfectly and gave her a blow in her stomach, she flew and hit the wall, while Leo sneaked from the back to hit me from behind but instead I bent down twisted my body and gave him an upper cut which sent him flying in the air,

“Looks like somebody is waking up”, David said with a clap.

I watched as they struggled to get back in their feet, their breathing had changed from the calm type to gasping for air, ‘looks like that attack we landed was good’, I told Paleochi, ‘lets work together now shall we?’, I heard her laugh and said, ‘sure why not’.

Tina spit out blood and faced me, “ok Gabby it is high time we finish this”, she immediately disappeared and appeared behind me, I had just a split second to turn, she was holding a table and with that she slammed me to the wall, she didn’t stop, she started throwing knives with such speed that I got pierced by four!, Leo came from behind as if he went through the wall and hit me from behind, I fell with the table to the ground, ‘i don’t think I can handle this’, I told Paleochi, ‘yes you can’t’ she said, ‘put your mind into it just like the accident from before’,

“O……..k!”, I shouted, “come at me”,

“With pleasure”, they chorused, for the next twenty minutes it was basically me getting a beating from Tina and Leo, I was covered with bruises, scratches and injuries, it felt as if I was going to die, ‘ is this how it will end?’, I asked Paleochi, ‘ no!’, I tried to stand up but my bones were broken the pain itself was killing me but still I managed to stand up and faced them,

“I am not yet done”,

“Are you sure?”, Leo said, ” you looked pretty beat to me”,

“I am still standing”,

David laughed from the top, “you are just a weakling, there is no way you are the chosen one the spirit of Paleochi is so strong that there is no way it chose a weak, pathetic vessel like you”, those words were getting to me, ” you are just a fool Gabby, first your best friend deceived you, now you are getting knocked down by Tina and Leo who aren’t even trying hard, pathetic, useless, stupid”,

“That’s enough”, I shouted, “I know I am weak I never said I was strong, I never said I wanted to be the chosen one anyway”, tears were flowing down my cheeks, ” but I am not useless and I am not pathetic”, I stamped my feet twice and the floor of the room cracked like a cracked glass cup, “and my best friend did not deceive me”, I pick up the table and threw it at Tina and Leo with so much force it went knocking them to the ground, “there is not way that Gift is a witch!”, I ran blindly up the wall of the room and knocked David down to the ground, it happened so fast it was unexpected.

“That’s enough”, he said, ” you passed the test, congratulations”, and started clapping his hands, Tina and Leo joined him too,


“Yes”, David walked towards me, “you have proven that you are indeed the chosen one”,

“Congratulations Gabby”, Tina smiled, “don’t forget what you did”,

“We just have to brush you up to standard”, Leo adjusted his glasses, it really baffles me that his glasses remained on his face during the course of the fight, “and we have to hurry up too”,

“True”, Tina said.

At the end of it all I felt some what relaxed and happy with myself, looks like I made it in, but something tells me that I still have a long way to go.

Wait oh!, Why did Leo say that that elderly woman was Gift?!, I didn’t ask, how did I forget?.



To be continued……


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