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Ok I know why I hear the voice inside my head, it is because of the spirit of the chosen one inside of me named Paleochi, but still who is this Paleochi and why me, why choose me as a chosen one, what did this Paleochi stand to gain choosing me, makes no sense at all, arrrgh,

“So you mean to say now that I am the chosen one, and Paleochi is in my head, right?”, I asked to be sure,

“Yes, well kinda”, Leo said adjusting his glasses,

“Kinda?”, Excuse me, “what do you mean by kinda?”,

“Well, you are the chosen one there is no doubt about that but…”, He was interrupted by the second boy,

“Objection”, he sat up and faced me, “there is no proof that you are the chosen one, neither is there any sign that you have indeed woken Paleochi”, he drank the remaining yoghurt in his glass, “until then we can’t say for sure if she is the chosen one or not”,

“True”, Tina nodded,

“So Gabby can you answer my question earlier?”, He stood up and faced me, “were you involved in an accident?”,

Hmmh, should I lie and say no, then they will leave me alone and just maybe the voice will go away too, but again what if this is very important, true there was an accident, I saw it coming, saved the victims and almost died in the process,

“Well, since you are asking, yes I was involved in an accident earlier today”, might as well tell the truth and see how it goes, who knows it might just be coincidence that my wounds just happened to heal very quickly and that the voice inside my head is just made up by my desire to have someone to talk to all the time,

“Ok, can you tell us what happened?”, Leo asked,

“Well there was an accident, I stepped in and that’s that”, I should just keep it simple,

“Just like that?”, Tina wasn’t satisfied with my answer, “why don’t we find out what happened ourselves?”, There was a mischievous look on her face,

“How?”, Seriously how, “it happened this morning and nobody seems to recall any such event”, I stretched out my hand, “the only way to know is if you were there when it happened which is impossible”,

“Well, Gabby I am going to blow your mind”, she said with a grin, next thing she did was to snap her fingers and suddenly we were at the scene of where the accident took place, just a few minutes before it occurred, I was seen standing in front of a shop,

“How did you just……”, What just happened, “did we just travel back in time?”, She smiled and said,

“Yes, to when the accident will happen to be precise”,

“This is amazing!”, I just couldn’t believe my eyes, “wow, you are just amazing!”,

“Enough of the noise already”, Leo said, “we will miss it”,

Just then we saw me walked over to the pregnant woman and her child, talking to her, we saw how the accident took place, How I saved the little girl and Gift cane running to the scene, and later we appeared at the hospital where all my injuries just seemed to have disappeared,

“Hmmh, this on a normal day will make no sense”, Leo said, looking at my once broken hand, “alright Tina we have seen the needful you can take us back now please”,

“Sure”, and she snapped her fingers again and in a flash we were back in my house,

“Wow, you are literally blowing my mind”, amazing,

“My pleasure”, she said,

“Ok”, the boy whose name I still don’t know cleared his throat, “looks like we have evidence of you being the chosen one but still, we do not know for sure that you have indeed woken Paleochi”,

“True”, Tina nodded

“O…k, how do I prove that Paleochi is

living in my head?”, Paleochi that name

sounds so archaic,

“We can’t do it here, that’s for sure”, he said, “we will go somewhere more quiet and safe, away from the public”, what does he have in mind, “Let’s meet at the park tomorrow by 2pm”,

“Pull the breaks boy, and slow down a little”, I shook my head side to side, “I am not going to any place that is dangerous, you can’t just be ordering me about, asking me questions and not even venturing on answering mine”, what do you take me for,

“Gabby relax”, Tina waved her hand frantically in the air, “why don’t we reach a compromise, we meet at the park, then we answer every single question you have for us, what about that?”,

“No thanks”, I will not be easily deceived, ” how am I sure that my questions will be answered?”,

“I swear to you, it will be answered in every possible way”, Leo held his Left pinky,

‘stop being difficult and just go tomorrow’, the voice said, you again,

“Fine then”, I agreed,

“Great’, he smiled,

“We will take our leave now”, the boy whose name I don’t know said, “thank you for having us”,

“Wait!”, I shouted,

“What?”, He asked,

“What is your name?”, I sounded like a fool but who cares, certainly not I,

“David, my name is David”, he said, good Tina, Leo and David, I know all their names,

“Till tomorrow”, Tina said snapping her finger and she and the boys disappeared, I guess I know how they entered my house now.


Tomorrow felt like forever, I just wanted it to come so quick that I couldn’t help but stay awake all through the night, only to fall asleep in the wee hours of the morning.

“Gabby, Gabby!”, The sound of my name drew me out of the realm of sleep,

“Gabrella Jade Micheal, you come out of your room this moment, or so help me God if I won’t break this door and let myself in!”, Mum shouted,

“I’m up, I’m up!”, I shouted, what is the time by the way, it is not even that late yet, until my eyes saw the time, ” 10 ‘o’ what!!!”, I screamed. I quickly jumped out of bed and brushed my teeth. Weekends and chores are basically best of friends if you ask me, finally after all my work load of chores I had my breakfast by 1pm! But I am not complaining, I took permission from my parents to go to the park, I really had no time to waste.

Something strange happened, when I got to the front of Gift house, since I will have to pass there to get to the bus stop and board a bus, she came out and gave me a hug,

“What was that for?”, I asked, because it is the first, just out of nowhere like that,

“Nothing, just a good afternoon hug that’s all”, she smiled and went inside, then called from the window, “have fun at the park”, ok that had me for a second, well more than that, how did she know I was going to the park?, Fishy, fishy, fishy hmmh.

I didn’t have time to ponder on that as I was already running late, I took the next bus and got down at the park, what happened next made me wonder, how?, How?, How?!!.




To be continued……..

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