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“Gabby!”, Gift said the moment I sat on her father favourite couch, for a second there I thought she wanted me to get up so I jumped to my feet,

“What happened?”, I asked her while thinking of which chair I should sit on,

“What happened!”, She moved closer to me, “you are asking me what happened”, and grabbing my left hand with her right palm she said, “a moment ago, you were covered with bruises, blood everywhere and this hand”, she raised it up, “was broken, Gabby it was freaking broken!”,

“Oh Gift, you are just over reacting”, I removed my hand from her grasp, “there wasn’t really that much blood and beside my hand was just broken, no big deal”, I settled for the chair next to the standing fan, might as well get some breeze inside my brain for some time.

“Gabby, you are insane”, she sat on the chair close to mine,”I believe the accident messed up a few wires in your head”,

“Anything you say boss”,


“I am in your house, so you are the boss”, she hissed and went upstairs while I just sat under the blowing fan, feeling the breeze on my face was a pleasure I will never take for granted. Gift came down stairs with her grandmother and I thought she wanted to report me to her,

“Grandma, Gabby and I got an excuse to come home from school because we were not feeling alright”,

“It’s okay, honey”, her grandmother smiled and sat on the chair I just vacated, ” Gabby, honey how are you feeling?”,

“A little under the weather grandma”,

“Don’t worry dear you will be alright”, she removed her black scarf and placed it on her laps, “Gift honey, what about you?”,

“Just the same grandma”, she grabbed my hands and said, “grandma we will be at Gabby’s house if you need us, we have a lot of questions that we have to find answers too”.

“Ok honey, take your time and if I need anything I will get it done myself, I am still strong you know”, she chuckled.

It didn’t take long to get to my house as it was just a street away,

“Gift, you do know that there is no one at home, right”, I said as I opened the door,

“I know Gabby, which means that we have enough room to think of what happened”, she kicked off her shoes and went into the kitchen, “Gabby don’t tell me you guys are short on yogurts”,

“No, check the side of the fridge”, I shouted from upstairs, I needed to change out of my blood stained uniform since Gift has already changed her clothes too. It didn’t take me more than twenty minutes, I came downstairs to find Gift seated in front of several books, opened at their middle,

“What is going in here?”, I asked bending over her to inspect the books closely, the contents were just to good to believe,

“Trying to find answers”, she picked up a book having a picture of a man, well, I will call it a man because all I could see was hairy chest, full and unkempt hair plus a very old clothes more like rags,

“And this book will help you”, I sat by her side, wow who knew sitting on the floor could be this comfortable, “Gift, these books are looking strange”, I picked one up, “the things of the occult”, then another, “magical events and their meanings”,

“Gabby”, she took the books from me, “can you explain what happened if it wasn’t magic?”, She held my once broken hand again, “this hand was broken Gabby, it was broken”,

“Well, might be that I had a breakfast that got infected with a radioactive chemical which made me develop a rapid wound healing power”, I removed my hand from hers, “or I got bitten by an outer space insect which made me strong too”, I poured myself a glass of yoghurt she had placed on a tray by her side, “Gift, I think it is nothing science can’t explain”,

“You need a brain check Gabby”,

“Ok fine”, I dropped the glass in the tray, “what will these books say then?”,

“Well, I can’t say for sure”, she closed them one after the other, “but I know that what happened wasn’t normal”, she stood up from the floor, “I will ask someone I know, who is in a better position to explain”, she gathered her books in her hand, which made me wondered, where exactly did she get these books from. They weren’t in her hands when we came in and she didn’t being any bag with her besides there is no way she could have found it in my house since we don’t even understand the concept of magic yet alone buying books about it,

“Gift, where did you get those books?”,

“What do you mean”, she placed them on the central table, “they are mine”,

“I know that, I mean, you didn’t carry a bag with you, so how…?”,

“Oh, I went to get them while you were dressing up”,

“Wow, so fast”, that made no sense but what can I say, that’s Gift for you, “you must be taking this matter seriously”,

“Of course I am!”.

She didn’t stay long, after two hours of book searching and chit chatting with her examining my hand each time, she left. I saw her off to the entrance of my street then walked back home,

“What is really wrong with me though?”, I whispered to myself, ‘nothing’, the voice said, “you again”,

‘yes it is me’, I got to the door and was just about turning the knob, ‘looks like you have visitors’, the voice said,

“Visitors?”, I opened the door to see the same kids that approached me at school the other day,

“Hi Gabby”, the girl said, what was her name again, Tonia, Tins, TomTom,

“Hello, please how can I help you ?”, I stepped inside and shut the door behind me,

“Sorry to be so impolite like this, coming into your house without your permission but we needed to make certain of our findings”, she said, seriously what exactly is her name, Tenia, Tinus, what a minute, Tina, yes her name is Tina,

“O..k, You might as well have a sit while I go get something refreshing for us to drink”, I smiled and pointed to the sitting room, funny how we were standing in the doorway all those time,

“Sure thing”, she said and all three of them sat in the sitting room, I went to the kitchen and opened the fridge, ” let’s see, fruit juice, no, soft drink, no hmmh, what about yoghurt, yes yoghurt will do”, I took out a pack and was about closing the door when my eyes caught a large piece of cake, more like half a normal size, “how on earth did I miss that?”, I asked out loud.

“Thank you”, they said after serving them a glass of milk and a slice of cake,

“Ok so”, and for the first time since I met them the boy wearing glasses spoke,” the reason we are here is to confirm if you have awaken Paleochi”, he cleared his throat then continued, “you were involved in an accident today right ?”,

“Yes I was”, Paleochi?, The voice?, ” Who is this Paleochi and what is your name?”,

“Sorry about that”, he smiled and for a second I thought he was cute, “my name is Leo and Paleochi is the spirit of the chosen one, upon death of a chosen one she transfers her spirit unto the next chosen one”, hmmh ,makes no sense,

“You mean, the voice inside my head is Paleochi, and I am the chosen one, is that what you are trying to say?”,

“Yes”, he smiled again, “you are spot on Gabby”,

“Can I get a refill please?”, The other boy asked, since my conversation with Leo I had forgotten that there was another boy in the room,


“A refill”, he held out his cup, “my yoghurt is finished”,

“Oh, sorry I will get that right away”, I stood up and got him another pack, looks like he enjoyed it,

“Gabby this might sound strange, but don’t worry, we are in this together”, Tina said holding my hands. I was just looking at them and thinking, how did they know about the accident?, how did they enter my house that I didn’t know?, who is this Paleochi and why do I hear her voice inside my head?!!!!!…

To be continued……

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