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The voice…

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So usually I do to school with Gift, we would walk side by side occasionally holding each other hands. It made it easier and we didn’t get to feel tired about the long journeys, but today I just decided to go on my own, my mind was preoccupied and I needed to think.

“Inner circle…inner circle..hmmh”, I just couldn’t place my finger on it, what could it mean, a group?, An instrument?, No it doesn’t seem right for an instrument.

“Gabby”, Gift shouted my name, she was just few metres away from me,

“Gift “, why why why!, I just wanted to walk alone,

“You…didn’t….stop…by…my house to call me”, she rested her left hand on my shoulder and was catching her breath, gees!, It was just a small distance,

“Sorry, Gift I was so preoccupied with my thoughts, I forgot”, I am a bad liar, that I am,

“No problem”, she took in a deep breath, “just don’t make a habit”,

“Sure thing”, I said with a hug.

We walked a few distance, I chose not to discuss what was on my mind with her beside she had other things to talk about,

“Gabby, you know those kids in class?”,

“Well, Gift there are a lot of kids in class…”,

“Those trio, that keep to themselves”,

“Yeah, I guess so”, they asked to come with them to the park but I didn’t say that,

“Good, they are just weirdos if you ask me”, she said it with such finality that I had to take a good look at her,

“Why will you say that?”, Why will you Gift, “this is so unlike you”,

“Well Gabby let’s call a spade a spade…”,

“And a shovel a shovel”,

“Gabby nobody says that”, she gave me a friendly punch on my right arm,

“It will catch on Gift”,

“Anyways….”, She was suddenly went silent, I turned to face her,

“What happened?”,

“I need to use the bathroom”, she answered.

“Not again!”, She always does this, suddenly feel pressed and has to use the bathroom then something strange happens afterwards, but like she says, it might just be coincidence.


“Fine”, we searched for the nearest shop, it was near the expressway. I waited outside while she used the restroom, since I wasn’t buying anything I felt it wasn’t right to be inside the shop. I thought about my nightmare when suddenly I felt goosebumps all over,

“What’s this feeling?”, I whispered, I looked to the entrance of the shop to see if Gift was coming out but there was no sign of her. The intense feeling came back, it was like something horrible was about to happen and it was trying to let me know, I became restless, “what is this?!”, Certainly something was wrong. I stood at the side of the door by the shop entrance, when I saw a pregnant woman walking by with a child. She seemed to be about seven months pregnant and the little girl holding her hands shouldn’t be more than two years old,

“Awwwnnn, beautiful girl”, I called out to her, she smiled and waved at me, that was when I saw it, a fast scene of a bus crashing into them and killing them on the spot, No! This can’t happen, no no no, but as it came it left,

“What was that?”,I was shivering with fear, I looked at them again, they stood by the side of the expressway now, the little girl by her side was laughing,

“I can’t let this happen”, I whispered, “I have to do something”, but what, I can’t just run over there and say, leave this place because you and child are going to die, they will think me crazy!. Still anything, just anything!,

“I just have to try”, I walked up to them, covering the distance with long strides, being tall has always been a blessing!, “Ma’am please I advise you leave this side of the road, you know the way reckless drivers behave nowadays”, I said with a smile,

“Oh, don’t worry I will be careful thank you”, she smiled back,

“Ma’am please”, with teary eyes I begged this woman, I guessed it worked since she took her child and was about moving away,

“Thank goodness”,I sighed.

“Vera!!”, The woman shouted,

I looked back, no!, The little girl had broken away from her mother’s hand and was running across the road, I looked and saw a bus speeding towards her obviously out of control,

“No,no,no,”, before I could think I was already crossing the road to save this little girl, “will I be in time, the bus is so freaking fast!”, I grabbed her hands but the bus was so near, I just had two seconds to think, me or her, Damn!, I pushed her out of the way and before you could say Jack Robinson, the bus hit me with such a speed that I flew in the air, for some time I thought that I was gone….

“Ahhh!”, I heard shouts and screams, wait a minute!, I was still alive, I was just in the air. If my knowledge of anatomy and physiology have taught me anything it is to never land with the back of my head or my head for any reason, but still no matter how hard I am to try I am still going to hit the floor and the impact will surely shatter my bones and cause internal bleeding to my visceral, looks like it is bye bye. I closed my eyes and for the first time in ages I didn’t want to die,

“Gabby, don’t give up”, who said that?,

“Me”, I am inside of you”, inside of me?

“You should be dead by now, but I slowed down time”, really, well, she or he had a point I mean I have been in the air for to long already,

“Gabby, do you want to die?”, No

“Then live!”, I should live, tears streaming down my eyes, I suddenly felt an immense energy, it seemed to be coming from within me,

“I…I want..”, I closed my eyes for a second, “I want to live!!”, I shouted and before I knew it, I did an Aerial somersault and landed on my feet slightly before rolling over on my hands and knees. For a moment, everywhere was quiet,

“Is she died?”, I heard a lady’s voice,

“Gabby, Gabby!”, That was Gift, she ran to my side and raised me up, her eyes full of tears, she cleaned the blood that I didn’t even notice was all over my face,

“Gabby, what happened?”, She was frantically searching for her phone in her school bag, “I will call an ambulance”, she found her phone dialled some numbers, I raised my head a little to search for the little girl,

“The girl?, Where is the girl?”, I asked,

“She is here”, her mother said, I looked behind me and saw her. She was holding her mother’s hand and her gown was soaked with tears, her mother knelt down and hugged me with tears in her eyes, she cried and for once the pain in my head stopped hurting.

I smiled and told her,” I will do so again and again”,

“Why?”, She asked, wiping away the tears on her cheeks, “why will you risk your own life for another person’s,

“Because it’s my choice”, I looked over to the girl, “beside she is a fine girl”, facing her mother I smiled and said,” and I won’t let a fine girl die when I can do something about it”.

The ambulance Gift called came ten minutes later and I was taken to the hospital, Gift kept asking me what happened,

“I was only gone for ten minutes and this happens”, she reiterated,

“wait, so you mean all that just happened in ten minutes, but It felt like……..”, Then I remembered the voice, i slowed down time, who could that be?, “Seems like no school today”, I said with a smile,

“Gabby, what is wrong with you, you are here, badly injured and it is a miracle you are not died, but you are worried about school!”.

On getting to the hospital it was a different story, there was not a single scratch, no sign of any accident, even Gift was shocked.

“But, you were covered in blood…”, She was dumbfounded and so was I, just then I heard the voice again,

‘I helped you heal’, helped me heal, that doesn’t make any sense,

‘dont worry the trio will explain’, the voice continued, the trio?,oh those kids?,

‘yes, meet them tomorrow, tell them what happened’, if you say so, We left the hospital and went to Gift house. On the way my mind wandered and I just kept thinking, what the heck is wrong with me?……….


To be continued…….



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