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A bad dream…

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On getting home, I dived straight into my bed, I was so tired I slept off immediately. Two hours later I woke up to a knock on my bedroom door,
“Gabby, your food Is getting cold”,
“Ok mum, I am coming just give me a minute”,
“Alright, Gift dropped your bag for you and we have something important to discuss”,
“If it is about school”, I opened the door and went downstairs with her,”I will explain everything”.
Taking a seat at the dinner table, she looked at me briefly then turned to her plate,”what happened at school today, Gabby?”,
I took a big bite out of my food, yam isn’t entirely my favourite but when nature calls you obey, “I was called up on assembly today as a suspect of robbery cases in school”,
“Hahaha”, my mum laughed so hard I saw tears rolled down her cheeks,
“I am serious”, another bite of yam told me that I was doing a good job,
“Really”, she wiped her tears with the back of her hands, “if you say so dear”
“Dad is home late”, seriously won’t this yam finish, I have already eaten all the fried egg!,
“Yes, he called while you were asleep like a piece of log freshly chopped”, she seemed to be enjoying her meal,” oh yes least I forget Gabby, your dad and I will be going on a trip outside of town”,
“A trip..”, I choked on my yam, nature I see what you are doing to me. Mum rushed and got me a glass of water,
“Take it easy”, she was gently stroking my back as I drank the water,
“Thank you”, I belched,”a trip?”,
“Yes, it is work related and we can’t push it up”, from the sound of her voice I had a feeling she had actually tried to but couldn’t
“So when anyways?, Don’t tell me it is tomorrow?!”, I eyed her as I spoke
“No my dear, it is still next week”, she was already done with her food,
“Ok then”, finally I have finished the yam, I cleared the plates and washed the dishes, looks like I won’t be sleeping in Mrs James class tomorrow.
When we retired to the sitting room to relax, my mum finally asked me about school and told me to give her details, so I poured out everything not leaving any stone unturned, of course she laughed at my description of Mrs James and Mrs Hustling, but she got the gist, she always do.
“So your dad and I will be following you to school tomorrow, am I right?”,
“Yes mum”, I adjusted the throw pillow to add a little comfort to my back, “about those kids I told you about, what do you think?”,
“Meet up with them of course”, she picked up the television remote and changed the channel, “since you already agreed anyways”,
“Sorry mum”,
“No problem”.
I stayed in the sitting room for about two more hours then when the clock struck 9pm I went up to my room. Lying on my bed I replayed the scenes at school in my head, when I couldn’t make any head or tail out of it I gave up and went to sleep. Suddenly, I saw myself in a dark forest with only the dim moonlight to see my hands, I started running, I didn’t know why but I felt that I just had to get out of the forest as soon as I can.
With each step, I got lost, until I found myself at the edge of a waterfall, I stood there for a second, took a good look around wondering if there was a bridge I could use, just then I heard a loud laugh, it sounded like Mrs Hustling, I looked back and saw a group of people, all dressed in long dark cloaks.
“We have you trapped”, Mrs Hustling deep voice said to me, “you have no where else to run”,
I turned around frantically, I almost fell into the waterfall as my right foot slipped at the edge,
“Just give up already”, I was certain it was Mrs James voice I heard, “surrender your powers to us chosen one and die like a coward you are”, I didn’t know what got into me, I started shouting at the top of my voice, “inner circle, inner circle, inner circle!!”, who or what that meant I had no idea.
Suddenly they all started laughing so loud I screamed, only for me to realise that it was just a dream, I was sweating profusely and trying hard to catch my breath, my mum was knocking hard on my door, it took me a minute to get myself and open the door,
“Gabby what happened?, hope you are alright?”, She hugged me as soon as she entered my room, she held my hands and drew me closer to her, “I heard you screaming, hope no problem?”,
“Nothing mum, just a bad dream”, I smiled
“Well that’s a first”, she looked at me intensely this time, “or you will come and spend the night in my room?”, She hugged me
“No mum”, I pulled out of embrace and went to my bed, “I will be fine, it was just a nightmare”,
“If you say so then”, she looked around the room, then finally went over to where I laid, gave me a kiss on the head then close the door behind her leaving my room.
A nightmare, hmmh, the first of its kind that I could remember, is something wrong with me?, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it and tomorrow is school,
“Arrgh, can this day get any worse?”, I covered myself with my blanket, “tomorrow is Friday, I have be get ready to face the disciplinary board, and I need sleep to be ready”, I said to the bedside lamp and switch it off, might as well Try to fall asleep again……

Friday morning and I was as tired as a night watchman that worked over time, I took my bath with the passion of a happy snail on a long journey,
“Gabby, your school called”, my dad said first thing he saw me then he hugged me and kissed me on my forehead, “good morning, sweetheart”
“Good morning dad”,
“Your school called and said that there is no longer any need for us to accompany you to school”, he said while taking a big bite out of his chicken sandwich,
“Why?”, I asked as I wasn’t expecting any good news as far as facing the disciplinary board was concerned,
“Blah blah blah, false accusation, blah blah blah real suspect has been found”, he took a sip from his coffee mug, “you know I am not a fan of epistles, just know that your name has been cleared and that’s that”.
I smiled, “nice”, if that was how today wanted to compensate me for last night stress then apology accepted!!.
I left the house and on my way to school and something happened which made me realised that my life was about to changed forever….

To be continued…….

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