Gabby and the trio


We got there in a wink. We were outside a tall building of about fifteen stories, filled with people going about their businesses, I guess it was a company or something like that. I felt like a dog that almost got drown and was saved by only a shred of luck, it wasn’t a pleasant feeling I can assure you. I wanted to walk over to Tina’s side and tell her to send me back home, but before I could make any move, she snapped her fingers again.

And this time, we were inside an elevator,

“Where exactly are we going?”, I asked, facing Tina, she was backing the elevator door and was directly in front of me,

“Gift is on the twelfth floor, I tried getting us close but I felt a magical restriction so this elevator was the closest”, she said as she checked herself out with the elevator mirror, “I think this building is protected against any form of magic”,

“I doubt it”, Leo said, “if it was protected then how did we get in?”,

“What if they wanted us to get in?”, David asked, “Then keep us trapped in”,

“You are joking right?”, I honestly hope he is,

“I thought about this too”, he said, “but don’t worry, magical restriction don’t affect us, because we have spirits”,

“But, Tina said she felt a restriction”, did he not hear her, “why couldn’t she get us pass that?”,

“True, but if I had wanted to get us passed that I would have, but it will need me stressing Chronos”, she explained, “and I am saving energy for the real deal”,

“Okay then”, I really don’t like this at all.

We got to the twelfth floor and before we got off the elevator, Tina asked me if she looked good in her red dress,

“Does that really matter?”, I asked, surprised, “we are about to face very strong enemies which will determine the fate of all humanity, and you are bothered about how you look!”,

“Don’t forget we might die here too, and become part of history”, she argued, “and I want to look good at the very least”,

“Tina!”, I was shocked, “you look great and please no one is dying anytime soon”,

“Okay, thanks”, and we got down.

We entered the corridor, there were several rooms on both side, it felt more like an hotel than an office floor,

“Which room?”, I asked,

“Room labelled ‘janitor room'”, Leo said after checking the map, that room was located at the end of the corridor, I took a deep breath before opening the door, I made sure I was as quiet as possible. There was no one in the room, only mops, buckets and sanitation equipment, but still I felt a very strong energy coming from the room.

I went closer to the walls, and using my hands I felt through it, little by little feeling my way through, until I got to a spot that was concentrated with energy,

“David, come check this out”, I called out to him, he was standing close to one of the buckets and was inspecting it,

“Okay”, he made his way to my side and placed his hands on mine, “a high concentration of energy”, he said, “something is definitely behind this wall”.

I removed my hands and he placed his hands on the spot, he released a small amount of energy from his body through his hands to the wall, and it cracked opened, revealing a secret door pass,

“Good work Gabby”, he said with a smile, “we should be extra careful from this point on, dangers awaits the path that lies before us”, he walked into the secret passage and opened the door, the others followed him inside, I took a deep breath, mumbled some words and went in.

There were fire torches on the both side of the walls, and a long red carpet that reached a large golden gate. On either side of the red carpet, were pews and statues of several beasts and creatures I had never seen before, at the sides of the pews. We walked towards the gate very quietly, gently observing all the images before our eyes, just then I noticed the statues moved and I stopped, and told the trio telepathically,

“Guys, the statues are moving”, I warned,

“Yeah, I noticed that too”, Leo said, “aren’t you feeling the energy coming from this room?”,

“I thought I was the only one”, Tina said, “Gabby come on move, we aren’t going to wait for you”,

I started making my way towards the gate again, taking note that the statues moves with every steps that I took, I decided to use long strides, I quickly covered the gap between me and the trio. By that time we were already ten to fifteen feet away from the gate, two statues having the from of a lion body and a head of an elephant, jumped from the sides of the pews and blocked our way,

“Okay, that was a drastic change”, Leo said, with a grin on his lips, he adjusted his glasses and said, “guys keep moving I will keep them busy for a while”, and moved forward, charging at the beasts

“Leo wait!”, I shouted, “don’t do something crazy, fighting those beasts all by yourself”, before I could say something else, he had brought out a bright silvery sword, that beamed like an exploding star, and had sliced both beast with a single swing of his sword. The beasts came shattering down and then instantaneously turned into dust,

“Wow”, I was totally amazed, “nice job”,

“Thank you”, he smiled, “let’s keep on moving shall we”,

We reached the gate and the amount of energy I felt was immense, but the feeling was sickening, I reached for the gate and for a brief moment, I had a feeling that I couldn’t open it,

‘let energy flow from you and into the gate, let the willpower of your energy overcome that of the gate’, Paleochi told me, so I placed my hands on the gate bars and did as I was told, I felt a sharp burn in my hand that I quickly let go, but I held the bars again, if I am going to get burnt to save the world, well bring it on witches!. I released energy again, enduring the sizzling heat burning my hands, I increased the energy until the gate started bringing out steams from it top, and it swung open,

“Good work Gabby”, David said, “better ice that”, he pointed to my hands, I just smiled.

Behind the golden gate, was a group of people comprising of; Gift, another girl I honestly don’t know and Henry my head of class, they seemed to have been waiting for us, or might be that I just imagined that,

“Well well well, looks like you managed to escape the guardians trap”, Gift said, “but I’d prefer you were all killed by it”, she stepped forward and continued, “now I would have to use my magnificent powers on insignificant wretched creatures”,

“You are good with words”, David walked forward, “I like that”, he stretched his hands and restricted us from moving, “she’s mine”,

“Okay, then I will take on Sofia while Leo takes on Henry”, Tina said smiling mischievously at me,

“Wait, what about me?”, There is no way I am just going to be watching and not helping out in any way possible,

“Find the guardians, we will meet up with you soon”, she answered, “Leo let’s end this as quickly as possible”,

“You got it”,

She snapped her fingers and I vanished from the scene only to see myself in a large long passageway,

“Tina!”, I whispered, “now where exactly am I?”, I made my way slowly forward, as that was the only road in front of me that seemed feasible. For a moment I heard a sound and I looked back, I thought I saw a river of blood flowing towards me, but it was just a stone. On closer inspection it was a round stone, that resembled a ball, it had a face on it that was smiling, I bent down to pick it wondering where it fell from, only for the smile to turn upside down and the stone to shout,

“Ahh!”, I shouted and fell to the ground,

Hands and feet broke out from the head of the stone, and in a short moment it took the form of a man made out of stone,

“This is not good”, I started running away, as fast as I could, “why do you have to turn into a man!!”, The stone man ran after me, with long strides, I was trying very hard to maintain a distance but that monster just kept running and running,

“David, Tina, Leo!!”, I shouted telepathically, “I am being chased by a stone man, what am I going to do?!”,

“Gees Gabby stop shouting”, Tina answered, “do what Leo did and you will be fine”,

“Yeah”, David said, “besides we have issues of our own to deal with”,

“Okay thanks”, I said.

The passageway seemed to be endless because I felt I had ran a long distance and yet I haven’t gotten to the end of it,

‘let energy flow into your hands and concentrate, you will feel a sting of some sort, add more energy to it and it will form a sword’, Paleochi advised me, “but my hands are burnt”, ‘not anymore’, I looked at my hands, and it was as if I never injured before, it was all fresh and soft,

“Thank you so much”, I did as I was told and I felt the sting on my right hand, I added more energy and after two more trials, a sword just like that of Leo was in my hand, only that mine was golden yellow like the sun, “Paleochi what can I ever do without you”.

I stopped running and faced the stone man, on seeing the sword in my hand, he stopped for a moment,

“Come on!”, I shouted, “don’t tell me you are scared because of this light in my hands”,

He hesitated for a moment and then as if he had calculated his moves, he jumped from where he was, which was twenty feet away from me, and was gaining in on me fast. I stood my ground, used my left hand to support the sword, closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath, then when I felt his intense energy very close to me, I swang my sword with all the strength I could muster and he fell by my side, sliced like bread and turned to dust on reaching the ground,

“Guys!”, I shouted telepathically, “I did it, I killed the stone man”,

“Good for you”, Leo said, “just give us a while and we will be there with you”,

“Copy that”, and I kept on running, the sword disappeared from my hands after I killed the stone man. After running for about twenty minutes, and killing three more stone men, the passageway finally came to an end at a door, I hesitated to open it, because I doubt if I would be able to face what I would see, unlike the golden gate, this door didn’t have any energy, so I opened it with ease.

It opened into a large hall, lights suddenly came on one by one, and then I noticed that there were people seated round a big table; Mrs James, Mrs Hustling, Mr Andrew my mathematics teacher, and an elderly man I don’t know, there was a vacant chair beside him,

“Welcome chosen one”, the elderly man spoke, “do have a seat, we have been waiting for you”,

“The meeting can’t begin without the very presence of the issue to be discussed”, Mrs James said.

I just stood right where I was, contemplating whether or not to run away or stay,

‘don’t be afraid, I am with you’, Paleochi encouraged me, ‘go and take your seat dear, I will watch for any dangers’, with such encouragement from Paleochi, my confidence level increased and I went and sat on the vacant seat.

There was this awkward moment of silence, but it didn’t last long,

“You probably don’t know anything about us”, the elderly man said to me, “you just believe that we are a group of wicked individuals, that wants nothing more than the end of the world”, he paused, waiting I think for my response, but I just stared at the table,

“But what if I tell you that we are trying to save humanity”,

“Save humanity?”, That’s unbelievable, “and how do you plan on doing that?”, I asked,

“Good, firstly, we are saving humanity from itself”, he smiled, “the world around us is greedy, selfish and only advancing towards more chaos and eventual destruction”,

“And??”, That’s the normal scenario, we all waiting for judgement day,

“Well, why don’t we bring that destruction now, create a new world, where there won’t be greediness, selfishness and the likes”, he raised his hands and stood up, shaking hysterically he shouted, “a world of order, where the weak are thrown out, the arrogant are laid off from life, a world of peace!”,

“So you want to kill everyone and create a new world”, it was my turn to stand up, “are you nuts!”,

“Well we won’t kill everyone”, he laughed, “certainly we will scrutinized and keep the unblemished alive, who will then procreate and create the perfect world”,

“I know that this world isn’t perfect, that love is mostly fake”, I remembered Gift and years were trying to free themselves, “but when there”, I held those tears back, “there are still those who love truly, who aren’t selfish in their desire”,

“Those are the ones that will be kept alive”, he smiled, “and you can do well to point them out to us”,

“Even those selfish people can change”, I left his side and stayed at the centre, “I am sorry, but I am not in support of this”.

As if on cue, the trio came blasting their way in, there was dirt all over their bodies, and I noticed Tina pretty red dress has been unfortunately ripped, in the midst of the confusion, I hurriedly made my way towards them,

“Are you guys okay?”,

“Well, it wasn’t all smooth but yeah”, Tina said with a grin,

“Just as she said”, Leo said, while adjusting his glasses, David gave me a dry smile and I was scared that he might have killed Gift,

“What about the others?”, Hope you isn’t kill them,

“Well, we left them knocked out”, David said, “they won’t get for about three to four hours”,

When be said that I felt relieved, “thank you”.

The guardians seemed to have gotten their ground back, because they were all standing and facing us, and trust me they weren’t smiling,

“What is your decision chosen one?”, The elderly man asked,

“I won’t agree to that, I believe that people changes, good or bad, and we should give them a change”,

“Then you have chosen death”, and with that, the real fight began.

He brought out an enormous ball of energy, it was purple in colour, and he did so with ease, the other guardians did so,

‘Gabby, just the way you made that sword, make a ball likewise’, Paleochi said, so I took in a deep breath and concentrated a lot of energy on my right hand, it grew bigger and bigger, until it was the same size as theirs, but mine was golden yellow,

“Good work Gabby”, David said, he had a ball in his hands too but silvery, “you can’t take them all by yourself, we will back you up”,

“Yes”, Leo came forward with his ball, and so did Tina, but she had no ball,

“So what’s the plan?”,Tina asked,

“Well, I can’t go head on with them, and it takes a lot of energy for me to make this ball, so Tina you are going to teleport the balls”, I answered telepathically,

“And?”, Leo said,

“Well, go with the flow”, I said with a shrug,

“If you say so”, Tina laughed.

They threw their ball first, aiming directly at our middle, but Tina snapped her fingers, and we found ourselves behind them, just the David threw his, but the guardians seemed to have snapping magic too, because they disappeared and appeared almost immediately, avoiding the balls, but we didn’t give them a chance to breath, the process went on for minutes, until I was struggling to breath.

A guardian caught David unawares and struck him in his stomach, he fell with a shout, Tina quickly teleported him to her side but a ball was thrown at them, before she could do anything about it, I had jumped right in front of it, and I got blasted in the face,

‘you can’t fight them apart’, Paleochi warned, ‘you and the trio, come together and synchronise’,

“How?”, I asked,

‘By coming together and holding your hands, then releasing energy into each other. When they is done, the spirits will respond and take care of the rest’,

So we did as she said, bright lilac lights and bubble were surrounding us, we became enveloped into a mass of energy, and we were held together by strong cords, made out of light,

“Leo, Tina, David!”, I called out to the trio, “can you hear me?”,

“Gees, Gabby!”, Tina said, “I can see and hear you”,

I looked over to the direction of her voice and I saw her, then I saw the boys too,

“Okay, so where are we?”, I asked,

“We are inside some sort of mechanism, that made our spirits synchronise”, Leo explained, “we are like the minds, and they are the body”,

“Okay, so how does this work?”,

“Don’t you know anything Gabby”, Tina said, “we see what they see, and they do what we tell them too, everyone give me your hands”,

“By sharing energy, we control the spirit, mind you our commands should be in agreement”, David added,

“Okay then, let’s do this”, I said and we moved, it felt more like I was in a giant robot, we fought with all our might, and at a point I thought we were going to loose. I could feel the others giving it their all, and it didn’t feel or look enough, certainly something was missing. The guardians broke through our formation and our spirits retreated into us back, the trio looked beat out, and really, they did try,

“I don’t…think…we can…win”, Tina said, her voice was very faint, “I am very sorry guys”, she said, and as she fell, I caught her,

“Tina!”, I said, “hold on”, I looked to Leo and David for encouragement, but they were on the floor, very weak and barely breathing,

“What am I going to do?”, I asked no one in particular,

“Are you ready to die?”, The elderly man said, with a sarcastic laugh,

“Is this the end?”, Tears streamed down my face, “every time I loose in the end, I cry and chicken out, was I a wrong choice?”,

“You are a weakling to begin with”, Mrs James said, “barely an average student, you are a failure”,

“Just give up and die!”, Mrs Hustling shouted,

‘Gabrella’, I heard Paleochi voice, ‘you are strong, ready to sacrifice yourself for others, remember the little girl you saved. You are brave, you are not a failure, never had been, and never will be’,

“Never had been”, hot tears came down from my eyes, “never will be!”, Thanks Paleochi, what can I ever do without you, I smiled,

“I am not a failure, and I am definitely not a wrong choice”, I started infusing energy into my hands to form an energy ball, “I made a promise, and I will keep it”, I smiled and looked at the trio, they have tried their best, now it is up to me, “even if it will cause me my last breath”, a symbol of an arrow inscribed in a circle shone behind me,

“What do you think you are doing?!”, Mr Andrew shouted, “this is madness, you are going to be yourself killed”,

“You are using spells from the forbidden book!”, the elderly man was surprised, “I am impressed”,

“Hey!”, I shouted, “why don’t we take this fight to the afterlife?”, And that being said, I infused more energy into the ball, that it became dense and shaped like a football,

‘are you sure about this?’, Paleochi asked me,

“Yes I am, please take care of the trio for me, and tell Gift that I still love her”,

‘let me help you’,

“I promised to keep you safe, if you help me, you will get destroyed too, and I don’t want that”,

‘oh Gabby’,

“It is what it is”,

“You don’t want to do this!”, Mrs James shouted, “didn’t you have dreams and goals?”,

“Once you die, it’s all gone”, Mr Andrew shouted too,

“To be honest, I never had dreams, or goals”, I smiled, “the only thought that runs through my mind every time, is how to leave this world”,

“Still…..”, Mrs Hustling tried to say something, but I have had enough,

“That’s enough!”, And I brought out a beam sword and stabbed the ball, imagine having a suitcase stuffed to the maximum, and having a zipper just holding it, when the zipper comes off, the clothes flies in different directions.

That is how it is with this magic, but only that it is energy, being dispersed at the speed of light, there was a chaos and commotion everywhere, and then I couldn’t see anything, or feel anything, it felt as if I was enveloped in a cloud of absolute darkness,

“I hope that’s ends it”, I said to myself, “I’m probably dead right now”, I thought to myself, then I say a light coming towards me, when the light got closer, I saw Paleochi,

“What are you doing here!”, I shouted

‘I came to get you’,

“Get me?”,

‘yes, don’t worry, everything is alright’,


She took my hand and began to move, gradually the darkness around me began to disappear, and just then my eyes opened and I took a deep breath. I looked around me, I saw the trio, Gift, Henry, and the guardians,

“What happened?”, I said, as the trio hugged me tightly,

“Gabby!”, Tina shouted with joy, “don’t do anything dangerous again”,

“You were very brave”, David said, with a smile,

“Yeah, Gabby”, Leo wiped the tears from his eyes,

Gift came closer to me and knelt by my side, tears streaming down her face, “I am very sorry…..”, I didn’t wait to hear the rest, I just drew her into my arms and buried her head in my chest,

“It’s okay, is alright”.

It took us the entire day to clean up the mess we caused during the course of the fight, but thanks to the spirits inside of us, it wasn’t that stressful.

My parents came home with a lot of gifts and I felt more than happy to share them with the trio and Gift. Gift, Henry and Sophia met me and the trio later and said that, the didn’t want their powers anymore,

“So you want us to remove it?”, I asked, “are you sure?”,

“Yes”, the chorused, so it was done.

The trio and I were walking down the streets, one cool evening,

“I guess that’s that”, Tina said,

“Yeah, back to boring life”, I said, just then a shooting stars passed, and we vanished.


The end or is it?









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